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We are a stuttering consultancy with a mission of educating parents with knowledge that is specific to their child’s unique condition.
Our 90 minute seminar will consist of the following steps, enabling you to gain more clarity on your child’s stutter. This seminar is recommended for parents of children ages two to eight years old. Included in each session the following will be discussed.
An overview of the diagnostics of stuttering so that you have a deeper understanding of what’s going on with your child.  
How it affects the individual who stutters, behaviorally and emotionally.
A basic guide to treating stuttering through conventional speech therapy and non-conventional approaches.
What are the prerequisites and qualifications for successful therapy.
We outline a succinct list of to-do’s and NOT to-do’s when communicating and interacting with your stuttering child.  This is a short course in DIY home therapy that will empower you to help your child with his stutter. These are the safe and effective ways for parents to intervene with helping their child to achieve greater levels of fluency.
Which steps you can take to create a positive home environment. These practical steps will give you the tools to support and build your child.
How to avoid common mistakes that parents make when trying to help their child who stutters.
Practical steps on how you can build the self-esteem and confidence in your child who stutters.
Bullying - The correct way to respond to intentional and unintentional bullying
Encouragement when going through the challenge of stuttering.
The end of the seminar is dedicated to answering relevant questions so that you feel confident in the toolbox handed to you to help your child on the path to success.

In addition to the 90 minute session we will have a follow-up communication email.

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