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About SOS

Create a brighter future for your child!

We understand that there’s a big need out there for guidance in stuttering and for clarification behind the mystery of stuttering. Parents wonder, "Will it disappear on its own? Can we ignore it for now? Will speech therapy help? If it will, how do I find a good therapist? Is there anything I can do myself to help my child who stutters? Who can I consult with to clarify these uncertainties and get real, honest answers?"


We are here to help you understand your child’s stuttering and the role you can play in nurturing, supporting and assisting your child through this challenge. 


Step One Stuttering was born when Jacob Kaufman, now a world-renowned stuttering expert, felt compelled to offer others what he gleaned from his vast experiences of being a former heavy stutterer for almost 30 years and then amazingly becoming a popular fluent speaker. Jacob has consulted with dozens of top speech and mental health professionals world-wide. Additionally, he has developed a close relationship with hundreds of stutterers around the world, who had from the slightest to the heaviest stutters. Mainly, he actually experienced the saga of desperately seeking a solution for himself in therapy after therapy around the world. SOS is fortunate to have a wide range of professionals on their advisory staff, including psychologists and medical doctors as well as speech therapists who have children or siblings who stuttered or actually stuttered themselves!


The unique and successful services that SOS offers is the fulfillment of the dream that Jacob Kaufman wished for during his arduous stuttering journey. We are fueled by our commitment to excellence and passion to help you assist your child in navigating his journey with clarity, understanding and positivity. 

We are here for you,

The SOS Staff

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