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On Stuttering

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About SOS

Create a brighter future for your child!

We are here to help you understand your child’s stuttering and the role you can play in supporting, assisting and nurturing your child through this challenge. 

Our experienced professionals will provide you with a comprehensive and informative seminar customized for parents of children who stutter. Our seminar will include guidance, tips and techniques on what you can do to help your child emotionally and verbally as well as help you explore your options for speech therapy. 

Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

We are a stuttering consultancy with a mission of educating parents with knowledge that is customized for children who stutter, ages two to eight years old. Our 90 minute seminar will consist of the following steps.         

        1. Enabling you to gain more clarity about stuttering and its challenges.

        2. A thorough overview of the therapy techniques that are used to treat stuttering.           

        3. Gain clarity of proper speech and how to encourage that in a positive way.

        4. Enlightening you on how you can empower your child in the most effective and                       successful way with concrete 'To do's and 'Not to do's and other practical techniques.


Dr. David Lieberman Ph.D. Award Winning Psychotherapist

Mrs. Freund
Brooklyn, NY

Mrs. Chait
25 Years Experience

Mrs. Gross SLP
Brooklyn, NY

HaRav Yaakov Bender
Rosh Yeshivas
Darchei Torah


As a former stutterer,

R' Yanky Kaufman has a deep understanding of the emotional and psychological needs of children and adults who stutter.

My child began speaking completely fluent after the seminar from SOS. We realized the mistakes we were making and within a few weeks of implementing the changes, there was a complete turn-around. Thank you!


In my 25 years experience as a speech pathologist, I can say with confidence that this seminar is the most comprehensive guide relating to children who stutter. It is informative to the emotional challenges of the  stutterer, and addresses ways of increasing positivity and self esteem and most importantly presents solutions towards reaching fluent speech. Parents will benefit greatly from this information.


Even as a speech therapist, after taking the SOS Seminar, I feel more confident in my abilities to help my child and provide him with what he needs.



The SOS Seminar is very important for all parents who have young children who stutter.


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